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VOA Texts from VOA's Correpondents


  1. 2018-03-31 With Paper, Phones, Atlanta Struggles to Recover From Cyberattack
  2. 2018-03-31 Turkey's Erdogan Slams Kosovo Criticism of Deportation of Gulen-Linked Turks
  3. 2018-03-31 Malian Jihadist Handed Over to ICC on War Crimes Charges
  4. 2018-03-31 Howard University Students Protest After Probe Finds Misappropriated Funds
  5. 2018-03-30 US Steps Up Protection for Coalition Forces in Northern Syria’s Manbij
  6. 2018-03-30 UN Blacklists Dozens of Ships, Businesses Over N. Korea Smuggling
  7. 2018-03-30 Turkey Slams France's Offer of Mediation Over Syrian Kurd Militia
  8. 2018-03-30 Trump Supporter Malloch Says He Will Testify to Mueller Grand Jury
  9. 2018-03-30 Trump EPA Expected to Roll Back Auto Gas Mileage Standards
  10. 2018-03-30 Taxi Drivers Despair as Ride-Sharing Apps Cut Into Business
  11. 2018-03-30 State Dept- US Visa Applicants to be Asked for Social Media History
  12. 2018-03-30 Science- What We Know About Cancer Risk and Coffee
  13. 2018-03-30 Poll- Few Blacks Believe US Has Achieved Goals of Civil Rights Movement
  14. 2018-03-30 Pippa Middleton's Father-in-Law Is Subject of Rape Probe in France, Court Source Says
  15. 2018-03-30 People With Sinus Infections Stay on Antibiotics Too Long, Study Indicates
  16. 2018-03-30 Pathologist- Sacramento Police Shooting Victim Shot 7 Times From Behind
  17. 2018-03-30 Jerusalem Pilgrims Retrace Jesus' Footsteps on Good Friday
  18. 2018-03-30 In Parade to Russian Foreign Ministry, Western Diplomats Get Marching Orders
  19. 2018-03-30 Facebook 'Ugly Truth' Memo Triggers New Firestorm Over Ethics
  20. 2018-03-30 Czech Republic Extradites Russian Alleged Hacker to US
  21. 2018-03-30 Could Enemies Target Undersea Cables That Link the World-
  22. 2018-03-30 At Least 12 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Mass Demonstration
  23. 2018-03-30 Air France, Lawyers Strike as Macron Labor Woes Grow
  24. 2018-03-29 VOA Interview- US Ambassador Says Russia Must Change Behavior
  25. 2018-03-29 Under Armour- 150 Million Fitness App Accounts Breached
  26. 2018-03-29 US Judge Opens Door for Thousands to Apply for Asylum
  27. 2018-03-29 UN- US on Track to Meet Climate Accord Targets
  28. 2018-03-29 UK Lawmakers Publish Evidence from Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower
  29. 2018-03-29 Trump Accuses Amazon of Not Paying Taxes, Putting Retailers Out of Business
  30. 2018-03-29 Social Media Use in Tween Girls Tied to Well-Being in Teen Years
  31. 2018-03-29 Sessions Rejects Call for Appointing 2nd Special Counsel
  32. 2018-03-29 Sacramento Protests Continue After Shooting Victim’s Funeral
  33. 2018-03-29 Russia's RT Set to Go Off the Air in Washington Area
  34. 2018-03-29 Russia Orders Expulsion of US Diplomats in Tit-for-Tat Move
  35. 2018-03-29 New York Offers Free Cybersecurity Tools to Public to Deter Hackers
  36. 2018-03-29 NASA Intensifying Search for Planets Orbiting Stars Beyond Solar System
  37. 2018-03-29 Magnitude 6.9 Quake Reported Off Papua New Guinea's Coast
  38. 2018-03-29 Facebook's Zuckerberg Disavows Memo Saying All User Growth Is Good
  39. 2018-03-29 Austin Police Chief- Bomber Was a ‘Domestic Terrorist’
  40. 2018-03-29 Ads Pulled from Ingraham Show After She Mocked Parkland Survivor
  41. 2018-03-28 Worries of War Between Israel, Iran Increase
  42. 2018-03-28 US Special Counsel Links Former Russian Intelligence Official to Trump Campaign
  43. 2018-03-28 US Military- Al-Qaida Leader Killed in Libya Attack
  44. 2018-03-28 US Judge Refuses to Toss Lawsuit Against Trump on Foreign Payments
  45. 2018-03-28 US Economic Growth Better Than First Thought
  46. 2018-03-28 Trump's Pick for National Security Adviser Advocates Tough Response to Russia
  47. 2018-03-28 Trump Says He'll Replace Veterans Affairs' Shulkin With Physician Jackson
  48. 2018-03-28 Thailand to Give the Beach from 'The Beach' Movie a Breather
  49. 2018-03-28 Sean Penn, Oscar Winner, Is Now a Novelist
  50. 2018-03-28 Report- Trump Attorney Discussed Pardons With Flynn, Manafort Lawyers
  51. 2018-03-28 Report- Sentencing Reduction Had No Impact on Recidivism Among Crack Offenders
  52. 2018-03-28 Psychology Course on Happiness Strikes Chord With Yale Students
  53. 2018-03-28 Prince Family Lawyers to View Data for Potential Lawsuit
  54. 2018-03-28 Police- Russian Spy Was poisoned by Nerve Agent on the Door of His England Home
  55. 2018-03-28 Looming US Showdown With Iran Puts Ankara in Tight Spot
  56. 2018-03-28 Lawyer Wants Trump Testimony About Alleged Affair with Porn Star
  57. 2018-03-28 Kenyan Opposition Lawyer Detained at Airport on Arrival
  58. 2018-03-28 In Tandem, US, Foreign Law Enforcement Agencies Target Corporate Corruption
  59. 2018-03-28 Entrepreneur- 'Anyone Can Play a Role' in African Innovation
  60. 2018-03-28 Ecuador Stops Assange's Communications From Its Embassy in London
  61. 2018-03-28 Aging Japan- Robots May Have Role in Future of Elder Care
  62. 2018-03-27 Yucky Ducky- Study Reveals Bath-Time Toy's Dirty Secret
  63. 2018-03-27 Worried About Bolton- Pentagon Chief Mattis Dismisses Concerns
  64. 2018-03-27 Watchdog- FBI Could Have Tried Harder to Hack iPhone
  65. 2018-03-27 WTO Chief Sees No Sign of US Departure
  66. 2018-03-27 Venezuela's Famous Youth Orchestra Faces Tough Times
  67. 2018-03-27 US Tech Derails Global Stock Market Rally
  68. 2018-03-27 US Investigation Rattles Resettled Burmese Refugees
  69. 2018-03-27 Trump Gets First Trade Deal as US, Korea Revise Agreement
  70. 2018-03-27 Top US Defense Officials Blast Russia's 'Reckless' Behavior
  71. 2018-03-27 Techno Teachers- Finnish School Tests Robot Educators
  72. 2018-03-27 Somali Lawmaker Fatally Shot in Mogadishu
  73. 2018-03-27 Serbia-Kosovo Tensions Heighten as Russia Wades into Dispute
  74. 2018-03-27 Russia, US Avoid Second Confrontation in Syria
  75. 2018-03-27 Romanian Lawmakers Say They Would Back Reunification With Moldova
  76. 2018-03-27 Retired Supreme Court Justice Stevens- Repeal the Second Amendment
  77. 2018-03-27 Report- Fears Rise of 'Lost Generation' as More Syrian Refugee Children Out of School
  78. 2018-03-27 In Niger's Desert, Europe's Migration Crackdown Pinches Wallets
  79. 2018-03-27 Greece Approved for 6.7 Billion-Euro Bailout Installment
  80. 2018-03-27 Filmmaker to Produce Tiger Woods Documentary Series
  81. 2018-03-27 Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Manafort Seeks to Dismiss Virginia Charges
  82. 2018-03-27 Ethiopia’s Ruling Coalition Paves Way for Ahmed as New PM
  83. 2018-03-27 Decade-long Makeover of King Tut's Tomb Nearly Completed
  84. 2018-03-27 Afghan Air Force Hits Taliban With Maiden Laser-Guided Bomb
  85. 2018-03-26 With New Plan, Macron Wants France to Win AI 'Arms Race'
  86. 2018-03-26 With First Death in Riyadh, Saudi-led War in Yemen Hits Home
  87. 2018-03-26 White House- Trump Rejects Porn Star's Claim of 2006 Affair
  88. 2018-03-26 Unresolved Issues Overshadow Congo's Vital December Poll
  89. 2018-03-26 US Stocks Surge as Fears Ease Over Trade War With China
  90. 2018-03-26 US Expelling Russian Diplomats in Response to Ex-Spy Poisoning
  91. 2018-03-26 UN- War Crimes Evidence in Syria 'Overwhelming,' Not All Can Be Pursued
  92. 2018-03-26 Sierra Leone Postpones Runoff Vote Until Saturday
  93. 2018-03-26 Row Over Data Mining Firm Cambridge Analytica Reverberates in India
  94. 2018-03-26 Puigdemont Arrest Leaves Catalan Independence Movement on the Ropes
  95. 2018-03-26 New Push Sought for Myanmar-India Economic Links
  96. 2018-03-26 NBA Players Unite to Protest Police Shooting
  97. 2018-03-26 Many EU Nations Join US in Expelling Russian Diplomats
  98. 2018-03-26 Kenya to Import 100 Doctors from Cuba
  99. 2018-03-26 Former South African President to Appear in Court on Corruption Charges
  100. 2018-03-26 Federal Trade Commission Confirms Facebook Probe
  101. 2018-03-26 Egyptians Vote for President, Turnout Could Be Only Surprise
  102. 2018-03-26 Egypt Economy Stabilizes Under Sissi, But Prices Still Untamed
  103. 2018-03-26 Departing US Election Official Hired for New Cyber Role in Trump Administration
  104. 2018-03-26 Brazil's Lula Loses Procedural Appeals, Faces Prison
  105. 2018-03-26 Andrew Garfield on Why 'Angels in America' Still Resonates
  106. 2018-03-25 What Does John Bolton’s Security Adviser Role Mean for Africa-
  107. 2018-03-25 Trump Is Staffing - or - Casting From Fox
  108. 2018-03-25 Trump Denies He Can't Get Top Legal Team, Even as 2 More Lawyers Quit
  109. 2018-03-25 Thousands Mourn Creator of Venezuelan Youth Orchestras
  110. 2018-03-25 Syrian Rebels Exit Second Pocket of Eastern Ghouta
  111. 2018-03-25 Saudi Media- Houthi Rebel Missile Fragment Kills 1, Wounds 2 in Riyadh
  112. 2018-03-25 Porn Star Says She Was Threatened to Stay Silent on Trump Affair
  113. 2018-03-25 New Dating App Matches Users Based on Their DNA
  114. 2018-03-25 In Pakistan News Anchor Makes News
  115. 2018-03-25 In Egypt's Election, Turnout Provides the Only Suspense
  116. 2018-03-25 Facebook Questioned About Pulling Android Call, Text Data
  117. 2018-03-25 Ex-Catalan Leader Puigdemont Arrested in Germany
  118. 2018-03-25 Egypt Says Expelled British Reporter Had Expired Credentials
  119. 2018-03-25 Congressman- Texas Bombing Suspect Showed No Remorse
  120. 2018-03-25 Cameroon Arrests Boko Haram Fighters and Accomplices
  121. 2018-03-25 Australia's First Muslim Female MP Lifts Lid on Discrimination, Racism
  122. 2018-03-25 37 Dead, 69 Missing in Russian Shopping Center Fire
  123. 2018-03-25 'Fight For Your Lives,' Teen Activist Urges at Gun-Control Rally
  124. 2018-03-24 Why is Austin an Attractive Hub for Many Tech Companies-
  125. 2018-03-24 US Says Airstrike in Southern Libya Kills Two Terrorists
  126. 2018-03-24 US President Denounces Fatal Hostage Incident in France
  127. 2018-03-24 US Charges 9 Iranians With Massive Cyberattack
  128. 2018-03-24 UK Watchdog Evaluates Evidence From Cambridge Analytica
  129. 2018-03-24 Turkey's President Refers to Anti-War Students as Terrorists
  130. 2018-03-24 Trump Limits Service by Transgender Individuals in Military
  131. 2018-03-24 Thousands of Africans Protest Israeli Deportation Plan
  132. 2018-03-24 Some Fear Steel Tariff Could Hurt Auto Industry in the South
  133. 2018-03-24 Separatist Conflict Halts Cameroon-Nigeria Business
  134. 2018-03-24 Poll- 69 Percent of Americans Want Stricter Gun Control
  135. 2018-03-24 Peruvian Judge Bars Ex-President Kuczynski From Leaving Country
  136. 2018-03-24 Martin Luther King Jr's Granddaughter Appeals for 'Gun-Free World'
  137. 2018-03-24 In Egypt, Wall-to-Wall el-Sissi Banners Inspire Satire
  138. 2018-03-24 Hundreds of Thousands in US March, Speak Out for Gun Law Reforms
  139. 2018-03-24 Estimated 105,000 Syrians Have Left Eastern Ghouta
  140. 2018-03-24 EU Leaders Unite Behind Britain in Russian Spy Standoff
  141. 2018-03-24 Dapchi Girls' Release Could Stir Up Religious Tensions in Nigeria
  142. 2018-03-24 Colon Cancer Can Be Prevented and Treated
  143. 2018-03-24 Cate Blanchett Slams Aung San Suu Kyi Over Rohingya Crisis
  144. 2018-03-24 Blacks in Silicon Valley Share Lessons on Pursuing Unicorns or Gazelles
  145. 2018-03-24 Australia Developing Lasers to Track, Destroy Space Junk
  146. 2018-03-24 As Syrian Rebels Quit Ghouta, Douma Stands Alone
  147. 2018-03-23 US Charges 9 Iranians With Massive Cyberattack
  148. 2018-03-23 UN Reports See a Lonelier Planet With Fewer Plants, Animals
  149. 2018-03-23 Trump Signs .3 Trillion Spending Bill Despite Veto Threat
  150. 2018-03-23 Thousands Join 'Black Friday' Marches Against Polish Abortion Restrictions
  151. 2018-03-23 Syrian Rebels Agree to Evacuate Sick, Wounded From Ghouta
  152. 2018-03-23 Slovak Protests Shrink After Fico Quits; Thousands Still Want New Elections
  153. 2018-03-23 Russian Nerve Agent Scientist Admits Selling Deadly Toxin to Chechen Mobsters
  154. 2018-03-23 New President Takes Oath of Office in Peru After Kuczynski Resigns
  155. 2018-03-23 McCain's Absence Weighs on US Senate Colleagues
  156. 2018-03-23 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Sets Course for Popular Social Media Site
  157. 2018-03-23 Car Bomb Kills 14 in Southern Afghanistan
  158. 2018-03-23 Black Identity, Technology in US Celebrated at Afrotectopia Fest
  159. 2018-03-22 Zuckerberg Apology Fails to Quiet Facebook Storm
  160. 2018-03-22 US Spending Bill Could Increase Number of Temporary Foreign Workers in 2018
  161. 2018-03-22 US Dismisses Charges Against 11 Erdogan Bodyguards Involved in Washington Brawl
  162. 2018-03-22 US Announces Billion in Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
  163. 2018-03-22 Trump Replacing His National Security Adviser With Hawkish Ex-Diplomat
  164. 2018-03-22 Trump Launches Action Toward Imposing Tariffs Against Chinese Imports
  165. 2018-03-22 Trump Issued Summons for Lawsuit on Possible Constitutional Violation
  166. 2018-03-22 Trump Declares Willingness to be Interviewed by Special Counsel
  167. 2018-03-22 Toys R Us Founder Charles Lazarus Dies at 94
  168. 2018-03-22 Tillerson Bids Farewell to State Department Staff
  169. 2018-03-22 Syrian Rebels Evacuating Part of Eastern Ghouta
  170. 2018-03-22 Sea Lions Feast on Fragile Fish in US Northwest Survival War
  171. 2018-03-22 Resistance Continues to End Child Marriage in Northern Nigeria
  172. 2018-03-22 Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch Growing Rapidly, Study Finds
  173. 2018-03-22 Mekong Nation Leaders to Hold Summit Amid Concerns About Dams
  174. 2018-03-22 Kenyan Court Strikes Down Forced Anal Testing in Homosexuality Cases
  175. 2018-03-22 House Approves .3 Trillion Spending Bill
  176. 2018-03-22 Experts_ Uber SUV's Autonomous System Should Have Seen Woman
  177. 2018-03-22 Ex-Officer Charged in Shooting of Unarmed Woman in Minnesota Is Released on Bail
  178. 2018-03-22 Daylight Turns Plastic Sheet into Germ-Killing Material
  179. 2018-03-22 Cosby Wants Judge Ousted Over Wife's Sex-Assault Advocacy
  180. 2018-03-22 Conservative Bolton Has Long Been a Trump Favorite
  181. 2018-03-22 Business as Usual for London’s Russian Investors
  182. 2018-03-22 British Policeman Poisoned in Attack Against Ex-Russian Spy Leaves the Hospital
  183. 2018-03-22 At Least 14 Killed in Mogadishu Car Bombing
  184. 2018-03-22 Afghanistan, US Seeking to Protect Families of Taliban Leaders Looking for Peace
  185. 2018-03-21 US_ Plans Being Made in Case Iran Nuclear Talks With Europeans Fail
  186. 2018-03-21 US, EU to Launch Fresh Round of Talks to Settle Trade Spats
  187. 2018-03-21 US Targets 15 South Sudan Oil Entities in New Restrictions
  188. 2018-03-21 US Prosecutors Urged to Seek Death Penalty in Some Drug-Related Cases
  189. 2018-03-21 US Congress Races to Pass .3 Trillion Spending Bill
  190. 2018-03-21 US Central Bank Slightly Bumps Up Interest Rate
  191. 2018-03-21 UN_ Credible, Inclusive Elections in Libya This Year a 'Top Priority'
  192. 2018-03-21 Some See Trump's Snow Day Tweets as a Bellwether
  193. 2018-03-21 Russia-UK War of Words Over Ex-Spy's Poisoning Gets Uglier
  194. 2018-03-21 Russia's Top Election Official Blasts US Accounts of Restricted Poll Monitoring
  195. 2018-03-21 Police Say Suspected Texas Serial Bomber Left Recorded ‘Confession’
  196. 2018-03-21 Palestinian Teen Who Slapped Israeli Soldiers Gets 8-Month Prison Term
  197. 2018-03-21 Leading AIDS Researcher Picked to Head CDC
  198. 2018-03-21 Lawmakers Question Foreign Development Aid Chief on Impact of US Budget Cuts
  199. 2018-03-21 Last Three Years Hottest on Record, UN Report Says
  200. 2018-03-21 France_ Ex-Leader Sarkozy Charged Over Libyan Money Claims
  201. 2018-03-21 Facebook Founder_ We Made a Mistake in Trying to Protect User Data
  202. 2018-03-21 Exit Poll_ Dutch Approve Spy Agency's Power to Tap Internet Traffic in Referendum
  203. 2018-03-21 EXCLUSIVE_ Kaspersky Lab Plans Swiss Data Center to Combat Spying Allegations_ Documents
  204. 2018-03-21 Catalonia Lawmakers to Vote on New Leader
  205. 2018-03-21 Boko Haram Returns Most Abducted Dapchi Girls
  206. 2018-03-20 ‘Women’s Army' Vows to Fight On in Syria After Briton’s Death
  207. 2018-03-20 Zuckerberg Asked to Testify in UK; Data Firm's CEO Suspended
  208. 2018-03-20 World's Last Male Northern White Rhino, Sudan, Dies
  209. 2018-03-20 US-Russia Tensions Not Felt in Space
  210. 2018-03-20 US Senate Rejects Bid to End US Support for Saudi Campaign in Yemen
  211. 2018-03-20 UN Agency_ Water-Smart Agriculture Could Cut Migration Risk
  212. 2018-03-20 Twitter_ 'Black Panther' Most Tweeted-About Movie Ever
  213. 2018-03-20 Trump, Deemed 'Not Above the Law,' Faces Legal Storm
  214. 2018-03-20 Trump Touts Saudi Arms Deals in Oval Office Meeting With Crown Prince
  215. 2018-03-20 Trump Tariffs Set Off Industry Scramble for Exemptions
  216. 2018-03-20 Trump Hints He May Break With His Generals on Iran
  217. 2018-03-20 Trump Congratulates Putin, Two Plan to Meet in 'Not-Too-Distant Future'
  218. 2018-03-20 Trial Begins for US Border Agent Accused of Killing Mexican Teen
  219. 2018-03-20 Texas Rattled by 5th Package Bomb Explosion
  220. 2018-03-20 Taliban Invite Afghan Jihadi Leaders to Peace Talks
  221. 2018-03-20 South Koreans Optimistic Over Prospect of Nuclear Talks
  222. 2018-03-20 Sixth Texas Bomb Blast Leaves US Investigators Baffled
  223. 2018-03-20 Shooting Reported at Maryland High School
  224. 2018-03-20 Senate Committee Launches Effort to Prevent Election Hacking
  225. 2018-03-20 Saudi Crown Prince to Visit White House Tuesday
  226. 2018-03-20 Rocket Attack on Syrian Capital Kills 35 People
  227. 2018-03-20 Opera on Alzheimer's to Debut in Philadelphia Festival
  228. 2018-03-20 Northern Brazil Overwhelmed by Desperate, Hungry Venezuelans
  229. 2018-03-20 New Travel Costs Revealed for US EPA Head Amid Ongoing Scrutiny
  230. 2018-03-20 Maldives Former Dictator, Judges Charged with Terrorism
  231. 2018-03-20 Insider_ Putin Doesn't See Possibility of Diplomatic Reset
  232. 2018-03-20 In Egypt Election, el-Sissi Imposes Stability Over Democracy
  233. 2018-03-20 ICC_ Philippines Withdrawal Won't Affect Preliminary Probe
  234. 2018-03-20 Hawaii Campus Joins US Trend to Go All Green
  235. 2018-03-20 G-20 Sees Need for 'Dialogue,' Fails to Defuse Trade War Threat
  236. 2018-03-20 French Ex-President Sarkozy Held in Libya Financing Probe
  237. 2018-03-20 Foreign Wives of Islamic State Fighters Sentenced to Death in Iraq
  238. 2018-03-20 Expelled Russian Diplomats Preparing to Leave Britain
  239. 2018-03-20 Egypt Prepares for Presidential Election, and Few Surprises
  240. 2018-03-20 Crime Spike Prompts Canada to Unveil Tougher Gun Control Steps
  241. 2018-03-20 Crash Marks 1st Death Involving Fully Autonomous Vehicle
  242. 2018-03-20 Child Meningitis Remains a Challenge for Sub-Saharan Africa, India
  243. 2018-03-20 Can Self-Driving Cars Withstand First Fatality_
  244. 2018-03-20 Breaking Up With Facebook Harder Than It Looks
  245. 2018-03-20 Border Wall, Tunnel Tussle Hold Up Sweeping US Spending Bill
  246. 2018-03-20 At Immigration Talks, Trump Rails Against Sanctuary Cities
  247. 2018-03-20 Arise Sir Ringo_ Beatles Drummer Knighted at Buckingham Palace
  248. 2018-03-20 Amid Political Turmoil, Republicans Warn Trump Not to Fire Mueller
  249. 2018-03-20 Alabama Lawmakers to Debate Arming Teachers in School
  250. 2018-03-20 'The Crown' Producers Apologize to Stars After Pay Dispute
  251. 2018-03-19 World Bank Says Climate Change Could Create 140 Million Migrants by 2050
  252. 2018-03-19 US Authorities say Fourth Austin, Texas Bomb More Sophisticated
  253. 2018-03-19 UN_ .7 Billion Needed for DRC Humanitarian Crisis
  254. 2018-03-19 Turkish Leader Vows to Expand Military Campaign in Syria, Risking Clash with US
  255. 2018-03-19 Trump Seeks Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers to Curb US Opioid Abuse
  256. 2018-03-19 Trump Resumes Attack on Russia Probe
  257. 2018-03-19 Trump Bans US Use of Venezuelan Cryptocurrency
  258. 2018-03-19 Self-Driving Car Hits and Kills Pedestrian Outside of Phoenix
  259. 2018-03-19 Russians Asking 'What Now_' After Election
  260. 2018-03-19 Nicholson_ US Planning Religious, Diplomatic, Military and Social Pressure on Taliban
  261. 2018-03-19 New Survey Shows Americans Still Divided Over 2003 Iraq War
  262. 2018-03-19 Merkel Hopes Poland Can Satisfy EU Concerns Over Judicial Reform
  263. 2018-03-19 Lawyer Who Alleged 'Plot' to Frame Trump Joins Legal Team
  264. 2018-03-19 Judge My Actions, Says Trump Candidate for UN Migration Agency
  265. 2018-03-19 HSBC Report_ India Most Vulnerable Country to Climate Change
  266. 2018-03-19 Greenpeace Says Brands Refusing to Reveal Palm Oil Sources
  267. 2018-03-19 Global Stocks Fall as Concerns Rise Over Trade, Brexit, & Facebook
  268. 2018-03-19 German Band Works in Concert With 'Robotic' Instruments to Create Music Mix
  269. 2018-03-19 Former GM, Microsoft CFO Named Senior White House Policy Official
  270. 2018-03-19 For Syrian Refugees, Marriage Trap Breeds Statelessness in Lebanon
  271. 2018-03-19 Egyptian Vote Reminds Many of Days Before Revolt Against Mubarak
  272. 2018-03-19 Armenian Outgoing President Says May Become PM
  273. 2018-03-18 Trump Assails Special Counsel Mueller as Politically Biased in Russia Probe
  274. 2018-03-18 Syrian Kurds Vow 'Constant Nightmare' for Turkish Forces in Afrin
  275. 2018-03-18 Statement_ Rebels in Syria's Eastern Ghouta Discussing Ceasefire with UN
  276. 2018-03-18 South Korea_ North Korean and Former US Diplomats to Meet in Finland
  277. 2018-03-18 Sexual Violence in Syria Used as Tool to Instill Fear and Shame
  278. 2018-03-18 Russia Comes Up With More Poisoning Theories
  279. 2018-03-18 Republican Senators Spar over Trump Nominees to Head State Department, CIA
  280. 2018-03-18 Preliminary Results Project Putin's Re-election, Amid Allegations of Voter Fraud
  281. 2018-03-18 Polio Vaccination Team Members Killed in Pakistan
  282. 2018-03-18 Pakistan_ Afghan Peace Offer to Taliban 'Light at End of Tunnel'
  283. 2018-03-18 Israel Destroys Hamas Tunnel in Gaza
  284. 2018-03-18 Hundreds of Brazilians Protest Murder of Councilwoman
  285. 2018-03-18 Evolving ‘Super Candidate’ Putin Strategizing for ‘Super Majority’ Turnout
  286. 2018-03-18 Ethnic Violence in Congo's Northeast Displaces 60,000
  287. 2018-03-18 Bundesbank's Buch Adds to Calls for Cryptocurrency Regulation
  288. 2018-03-18 AP Fact Check_ Trump Wrong on Russia Collusion Question, McCabe Timeline
  289. 2018-03-17 Workers 'Chipping Away' to Extract Cars From Debris of Florida Bridge
  290. 2018-03-17 Venezuela City Issues Own Currency to Combat National Cash Crisis
  291. 2018-03-17 Vatican Bows to Pressure, Releases Retired Pope's Letter
  292. 2018-03-17 US Senators Pledge Help to Iranian Group Seeking End to Iran's Islamist Rule
  293. 2018-03-17 US Congress, Egyptian-Americans Share Concerns About Egypt's Election
  294. 2018-03-17 Russians to Vote Sunday in Presidential Election; Putin Victory Expected
  295. 2018-03-17 Putin Votes Cast From Crimea May Come at High Diplomatic Cost
  296. 2018-03-17 Prehistoric Giant Shark Tooth Stolen in Australia
  297. 2018-03-17 Oscars President Accused of Sexual Harassment, Faces Inquiry
  298. 2018-03-17 Officials_ US Strikes Kill 35 IS Militants in Afghanistan
  299. 2018-03-17 North Korean, Swedish Officials Conclude Talks in Stockholm
  300. 2018-03-17 May Deciding Next Steps After Russia Expels 23 British Diplomats
  301. 2018-03-17 Greece_ 6 Dead, Dozen Missing in Suspected Migrant Boat Sinking
  302. 2018-03-17 Fired FBI Official McCabe Kept Memos on Dealings With Trump
  303. 2018-03-17 Facebook Cuts Ties with Cambridge Analytica Over Data Privacy
  304. 2018-03-17 Congress Reaches Sticky Points in 1.3 Trillion Spending Bill Talks
  305. 2018-03-17 Breakthrough Reported in South Africa’s Worst Listeria Outbreak
  306. 2018-03-17 Australia to Export Celebrated Aboriginal Education Program to Africa
  307. 2018-03-17 Analysts Predict Tougher Stance on Iran, North Korea Under Pompeo
  308. 2018-03-17 Afghan Leader Invites Pakistan’s PM for State-to-State Talks
  309. 2018-03-16 World's Priciest Chocolate Goes on Display in Portugal
  310. 2018-03-16 White House Says Staffers Shouldn't Be Concerned About Firings
  311. 2018-03-16 Visa Tests Biometric Fingerprint Reader on Cards
  312. 2018-03-16 Vatican Convicts Ex-Guam Archbishop, but Doesn't Say of What
  313. 2018-03-16 US Military Says 7 Dead in Helicopter Crash in Iraq
  314. 2018-03-16 UN Chief 'Deeply Concerned' for Syrians Fleeing Eastern Ghouta, Afrin
  315. 2018-03-16 UN Appeals for Nearly Billion to Aid Rohingya Refugees
  316. 2018-03-16 Trump Attorney_ Porn Star Broke Nondisclosure Deal, Could Owe 20M
  317. 2018-03-16 Top Pakistan Security Official to Visit Afghanistan for Crucial Talks
  318. 2018-03-16 Thousands Protest Shooting Death of Rio de Janeiro Councilwoman
  319. 2018-03-16 Tens of Thousands Rally in Slovakia, Demand Early Election
  320. 2018-03-16 Steve Jobs Pre-Apple Job Application Fetches 4,000 at Auction
  321. 2018-03-16 State, Federal Investigators Take Over Florida Bridge Collapse Probe
  322. 2018-03-16 Some States Adopt 'Red Flag' Laws in Bid to Stem Gun Violence
  323. 2018-03-16 Snow Science_ Crystal Clues to Climate Change, Watersheds
  324. 2018-03-16 School Children Across Africa Face Threats Beyond Kidnappings
  325. 2018-03-16 Russia Says Will 'Black-List' More Americans in Response to New US Sanctions
  326. 2018-03-16 Palestinian Motorist Rams Group of Israeli Soldiers, Kills 2
  327. 2018-03-16 North Korean, Swedish Officials Meet Amid Trump-Kim Summit Speculation
  328. 2018-03-16 FIFA Finally Approves Video Review to Use at World Cup
  329. 2018-03-16 EU Calls for Industry Input on US Tariff Retaliation List
  330. 2018-03-16 Britain, France, Germany Propose New Iran Sanctions in Confidential Paper
  331. 2018-03-16 A Sweet Way to Help Syrian Refugees in US
  332. 2018-03-16 12 Dead in Central Somalia as Villagers Resist Al-Shabab Taxes
  333. 2018-03-15 Washington State Directive Aims to Help Endangered Orcas
  334. 2018-03-15 Veterans Chief Shulkin Says He Has No Intention of Quitting
  335. 2018-03-15 Ukraine Lawmaker_ Speaker Was Involved in 2014 Killings
  336. 2018-03-15 US Sanctions Russians for Election Meddling, Joins Condemnation of Nerve Agent Attack
  337. 2018-03-15 US Military Discloses Firefight in Niger in December
  338. 2018-03-15 US Military Aircraft Crashes in Western Iraq
  339. 2018-03-15 US Demands Assad, Russia, Iran Be Held to Account for Syrian Atrocities
  340. 2018-03-15 UN Security Council Threatens South Sudan with Arms Embargo
  341. 2018-03-15 Turkish Opposition Warns Legal Reforms Threaten Credible Elections
  342. 2018-03-15 Trump Admits Making up Trade Claim in Trudeau Talk
  343. 2018-03-15 Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Accused of Luxury Travel on Taxpayer Dime
  344. 2018-03-15 Thousands of Syrian Civilians Flee Last Major Rebel Stronghold
  345. 2018-03-15 Taliban's Studied Silence on Dialogue Offer Raises Peace Hopes in Pakistan, US
  346. 2018-03-15 Syria Marks 7 Years of War; Hundreds Leave Besieged Enclave
  347. 2018-03-15 Source_ Angola Prosecutors Charge Ex-Central Bank Governor in Fraud Case
  348. 2018-03-15 Senate Passes Bill That Eases Bank Reform Rules
  349. 2018-03-15 Russian Runway Littered with Gold Bars as Plane Loses Cargo
  350. 2018-03-15 Russian Opposition Leader Says Upcoming Election is Illegitimate
  351. 2018-03-15 Restored WWII Bomber Memphis Belle is Moved Into Ohio Museum
  352. 2018-03-15 Reports_ Trump Ready to Oust McMaster
  353. 2018-03-15 Queen Elizabeth Gives Consent for Harry-Meghan Wedding
  354. 2018-03-15 North Korea’s Paralympic Loss is a Sign of Progress
  355. 2018-03-15 Nepal Authorities Struggle to Identify Plane Crash Survivors
  356. 2018-03-15 Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization Records
  357. 2018-03-15 Man Who Claimed He Buried Natalee Holloway Fatally Stabbed
  358. 2018-03-15 Kremlin_ Spy Scandal Won't Disrupt Presidential Election
  359. 2018-03-15 Independent Chefs Exchange Referrals, Constructive Criticism and Support
  360. 2018-03-15 Former Trump Campaign Manager Manafort Seeks to Dismiss Charges
  361. 2018-03-15 Former Siemens Executive Pleads Guilty in Argentine Bribery Case
  362. 2018-03-15 Florida Shooting_ New Video Shows Deputy Never Entered School During Massacre
  363. 2018-03-15 Florida Pedestrian Bridge Collapses, Killing at Least 4, Crushing Cars
  364. 2018-03-15 FDA Plans to Slash Nicotine Levels in Cigarettes
  365. 2018-03-15 Ex-Russian Chemical Weapons Specialist_ Moscow Was Sure No One Would Find Poison
  366. 2018-03-15 Ed Sheeran, Gaga, More to Cover Elton John Across 2 Albums
  367. 2018-03-15 Donald Trump Jr.'s Wife Files for Divorce
  368. 2018-03-15 Docs Link Trump Org Lawyer to Effort to Silence Porn Star
  369. 2018-03-15 Colombia Probes Voter Registration Cyberattacks Traced to Russia's Allies
  370. 2018-03-15 Britain, France, Germany Join US in Jointly Condemning Russian Spy Poisoning
  371. 2018-03-15 Barron Trump's School Joins Others in Call for Gun Reforms
  372. 2018-03-15 Analysts_ Pompeo Will Have Little Time to Prepare for North Korea Summit
  373. 2018-03-15 Amazon_ Prime Video Lured Millions to Shopping Club
  374. 2018-03-15 2 Investigative Journalists Released on Bail in Egypt
  375. 2018-03-15 'Black Panther' Puts Spotlight on Question of Connection
  376. 2018-03-14 White House_ US Pressing China to Cut Trade Surplus by 0B
  377. 2018-03-14 Vatican Doctors Photo of Benedict's Praise for Francis
  378. 2018-03-14 US Republican Senator Paul Opposes Pompeo, Haspel Nominations
  379. 2018-03-14 US Rejects Iranian Accusations of Supporting Afghan IS
  380. 2018-03-14 US Pursues WTO Action on Indian Export Subsidies
  381. 2018-03-14 Turkey Uneasy Over Firing of Tillerson as US Top Diplomat
  382. 2018-03-14 Trump Picks Conservative Economist as New White House Adviser
  383. 2018-03-14 Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking Dies at 76
  384. 2018-03-14 Tens of Thousands of US Students Stage Walk-Outs Against Gun Violence
  385. 2018-03-14 Suicide Bomber Kills 9 in Eastern Pakistan
  386. 2018-03-14 Slovakia's PM Ready to Resign to Resolve Political Crisis
  387. 2018-03-14 Poverty Drives Syrian Refugees in Lebanon to Marry Girls Off Early
  388. 2018-03-14 Lawmakers Ponder Steps to Curb Gun Violence as Students Protest Outside Capitol
  389. 2018-03-14 Hawking's Robotic Voice Became His Trademark
  390. 2018-03-14 Harper Lee’s Estate Sues Over Broadway Version of ‘Mockingbird’
  391. 2018-03-14 France to Fine Google, Apple Amid Broader Transatlantic Spat
  392. 2018-03-14 Doctors Hunt for Hidden Cancers with Glowing Dyes
  393. 2018-03-14 Despite Country Pacts, Deportations Often on ‘Ad-hoc’ Basis
  394. 2018-03-14 Canned Soup May be Fueling North Korea’s Air Force
  395. 2018-03-14 Britain to Brief UN Security Council on Spy Poisoning Probe
  396. 2018-03-14 Apparent Democratic Win in Pennsylvania Warning Sign for Republicans
  397. 2018-03-14 7 Killed as Turkish Shelling of Kurdish Afrin Intensifies
  398. 2018-03-13 US General Signals Support for Iran Nuclear Deal
  399. 2018-03-13 US Defense Chief Makes Unannounced Visit to Kabul
  400. 2018-03-13 UN Investigators Call for Accountability and Justice in South Sudan, Burundi
  401. 2018-03-13 Turkish Forces Surround Key Syrian Kurdish City
  402. 2018-03-13 Trump's Choice for CIA Director Courts Respect, Controversy
  403. 2018-03-13 Trump in California to View Border Wall Prototypes
  404. 2018-03-13 Trump Welcomes House Panel Finding of No Election Collusion With Russia
  405. 2018-03-13 Trump Stops Short of Blaming Russia Over Former Spy Poisoning
  406. 2018-03-13 Trump Fires Tillerson, Picks CIA Chief Pompeo to Succeed Him
  407. 2018-03-13 Tillerson's Firing Worries Some Africa Experts
  408. 2018-03-13 Tillerson Blindsided, Fired by Trump as US Top Diplomat
  409. 2018-03-13 Telecom Minister_ Sri Lanka to Lift Social Media Ban
  410. 2018-03-13 Palestinian PM Survives Assassination Attempt in Gaza
  411. 2018-03-13 Nigeria's Buhari Fires Head of Niger Delta Amnesty Program
  412. 2018-03-13 Next 'Fantastic Beasts' Movie Thrills Fans with Return to Hogwarts
  413. 2018-03-13 Major Plot Twist for Students at Saudi Arabia's First Cinema School
  414. 2018-03-13 Initially Praised, CIA's Pompeo Became Polarizing Figure in Intel Community
  415. 2018-03-13 Florida Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty for Accused School Shooter
  416. 2018-03-13 Empty Shoes, Empty Schools_ US Gun Law Activists Plan 2 Days of Theater
  417. 2018-03-13 Congressional Leaders Voice Mixed Reviews of Trump's National Security Shakeup
  418. 2018-03-13 Cholera Outbreak Sparks Blame Game in Malawi
  419. 2018-03-13 Cameroon Media Defies Ban on Political Debate
  420. 2018-03-13 Burundi Ruling Party Titles Nkurunziza 'Visionary' Ahead of Referendum
  421. 2018-03-13 American Sentenced to 45 Years in Prison for Role in al-Qaida Bomb Attack
  422. 2018-03-12 World Wide Web Inventor Says Big Tech Must Be Regulated
  423. 2018-03-12 White House Calls Attack on Ex-Spy in UK 'An Outrage,' But Doesn't Mention Russia
  424. 2018-03-12 US Has Yet to Hear Back from North Korea on Trump-Kim Meeting
  425. 2018-03-12 UN Rights Panel_ Saudi Arabia Must Ban Discrimination Against Women
  426. 2018-03-12 UN Rights Official_ Events in Rakhine State Bear Hallmarks of Genocide
  427. 2018-03-12 UN Blames Honduras Security Forces for Killing Election Protesters
  428. 2018-03-12 Trump_ Little Political Support for Age Limit Change for Gun Buyers
  429. 2018-03-12 Trump, Democrats Face Major Test in Tuesday Election
  430. 2018-03-12 Trump to Help States Arm Some Teachers, Backs Off Gun Buyer Age-Limit
  431. 2018-03-12 Tillerson Flies to Chad, Nigeria
  432. 2018-03-12 Russian Military Tests Nuclear-capable Hypersonic Missile
  433. 2018-03-12 Putin Suggests Jews, Ethnic Groups May Have Meddled in US Election
  434. 2018-03-12 Protesting Farmers in Mumbai Win Assurances on Loan Waivers, Land Rights
  435. 2018-03-12 Muslim Pakistan Swears In First Hindu Female Senator from Untouchables
  436. 2018-03-12 Malala Yousafzai Working on Book About Refugees
  437. 2018-03-12 Jay-Z, Beyonce Announce New Joint Tour
  438. 2018-03-12 Iran Accuses US of Supporting IS in Afghanistan; Washington Denies Allegation
  439. 2018-03-12 Hurricane Center Updates Irma Death Toll in US, Caribbean
  440. 2018-03-12 Haley_ Syria Ceasefire a Failure; US Proposes New Resolution
  441. 2018-03-12 Fishing Boats Switch Off Trackers, Raise Suspicions of Illegal Fishing
  442. 2018-03-12 Ethiopian Town on Edge After Security Forces Kill, Injure Unarmed Resident
  443. 2018-03-12 Der Spiegel_ 'Bookkeeper of Auschwitz' Dies Before Starting Sentence
  444. 2018-03-12 Colombia's Santos Plans to Restart Talks with ELN Rebels
  445. 2018-03-12 Austrian Court Deals Blow to Government's Plan to Cut Benefits
  446. 2018-03-12 At Least 49 Killed in Nepal Plane Crash
  447. 2018-03-12 African American males killed, elderly Hispanic woman wounded by three separate blasts
  448. 2018-03-11 WHO_ Alarming Spike in Attacks Against Health Workers, Facilities in Syria
  449. 2018-03-11 US Warns Syria Against Gas Attacks
  450. 2018-03-11 US Vows No Concessions to North Korea Ahead of Trump-Kim Talks
  451. 2018-03-11 UK Health Officials_ Public Risk 'Low' After Poisoning of Former Russian Spy
  452. 2018-03-11 Tunisian Women March for Equal Inheritance Rights
  453. 2018-03-11 Trump Wants to Make Schools Safe by Arming School Teachers
  454. 2018-03-11 Trump Unleashes New Attacks Against Democrats and News Media
  455. 2018-03-11 Sierra Leone Political Parties Look to Likely Run-off
  456. 2018-03-11 Most Stores Shut in Poland As Sunday Trade Ban Takes Effect
  457. 2018-03-11 Macedonia Reinforces Tolerance and Respect for History as it Remembers Holocaust
  458. 2018-03-11 Kathy Griffin Announces New Shows, 9 Months After Trump Photo
  459. 2018-03-11 Former Colombian Guerillas Run for Office
  460. 2018-03-11 Fighting, Displacement Cause Hunger to Soar in DRC
  461. 2018-03-11 Eggs, Embryos Possibly Damaged at California Clinic
  462. 2018-03-11 Chile Again Veers Right as Pinera Returns to Presidency
  463. 2018-03-11 Britain’s Ruling Conservatives Under Pressure to Return Russian Donations
  464. 2018-03-11 11 Killed in Private Turkish Plane Crashes in Iran
  465. 2018-03-10 UK Security Team to Hold Emergency Meeting on Russian Ex-Spy
  466. 2018-03-10 Turkey President Slams NATO for Lack of Support in Syria
  467. 2018-03-10 Trump to Visit Latin America in April
  468. 2018-03-10 Trump Expects North Korea to Honor Pledge on Missile Tests
  469. 2018-03-10 Trump Administration Files Proposal to Ban 'Bump Stocks'
  470. 2018-03-10 Trade Representatives From US, EU, Japan Discuss New Metal Tariffs
  471. 2018-03-10 Tillerson ‘Not Feeling Well,’ Cancels Saturday Events in Kenya
  472. 2018-03-10 Study_ Cholesterol Drug Modestly Lowers Risk of Heart Attack, Death
  473. 2018-03-10 Putin 'Couldn't Care Less' if Russians Meddled in US Election
  474. 2018-03-10 Poroshenko_ Ukraine Seeking NATO Membership Action Plan
  475. 2018-03-10 Poet-Activist Urges Australia to Block Giant Coal Mine
  476. 2018-03-10 No Clear Leader in Sierra Leone Vote With Quarter of Ballots Counted
  477. 2018-03-10 New Offensive in Syria's Ghouta, Day After Aid Arrives
  478. 2018-03-10 Gunman's Victims Had Devoted Lives to Veterans
  479. 2018-03-10 Global Obesity Battle_ What You Eat and How You Think
  480. 2018-03-10 Georgian President Touts Tbilisi's Contributions to NATO_ 'We Deserve It'
  481. 2018-03-10 Feminist Trio Takes Defiant Song to Tehran's Subway, Video Goes Viral
  482. 2018-03-10 Facebook Exclusive Deal_ Streaming 25 MLB Games
  483. 2018-03-10 Dozens Dead After Taliban Ambush On Afghan Government Forces
  484. 2018-03-10 Britain Says 'Too Early' To Pin Blame Over Poisoning Of Russian Ex-Spy
  485. 2018-03-10 Bannon Tells French Far-Right Party_ 'Let Them Call You Racist'
  486. 2018-03-09 White House_ Trump Will Attend Summit of the Americas
  487. 2018-03-09 White House_ 'Concrete Steps' Must Precede Any Trump, Kim Meeting
  488. 2018-03-09 Watchdog_ Western Tech Used for Hacking in Turkey, Syria
  489. 2018-03-09 US Tariffs Spark Fears of Trade Conflict in Asia
  490. 2018-03-09 US Military, Intel Officials Cautious About N. Korean Overtures
  491. 2018-03-09 UN Rights Chief_ Send Alleged Crimes Against Rohingya to ICC
  492. 2018-03-09 UN Rights Chief Blasts Philippine Slander of UN Rapporteurs
  493. 2018-03-09 Turkish Court Orders Release of Journalists During Their Trial
  494. 2018-03-09 Trump's Tariffs Elicit Strong Response at Home, Abroad
  495. 2018-03-09 Trump Teases Historic News; It Arrives in the Dark, on the White House Driveway
  496. 2018-03-09 Trump Signs Off on US Metals Tariffs, Exempts Canada and Mexico
  497. 2018-03-09 Trump Pardons Former Navy Sailor Who Photographed Classified Submarine
  498. 2018-03-09 Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 9, Wounds 18 in Afghan Capital
  499. 2018-03-09 Students Learn Real Skills, Earn Simulated Profits
  500. 2018-03-09 Russian State Pollsters_ Putin Popularity Slipping Ahead of Election
  501. 2018-03-09 Romney Focuses on Utah Campaign, Downplays Feud With Trump
  502. 2018-03-09 Report_ Obama in Discussions to Produce Shows for Netflix
  503. 2018-03-09 Pakistani Taliban Confirms 21 Members Killed in Afghanistan by US Drone
  504. 2018-03-09 NRA Files Lawsuit Over Florida Gun Control Legislation
  505. 2018-03-09 Kenya’s Political Leaders Talk Unity, Healing Divisions
  506. 2018-03-09 Journalist’s Death Spins Slovakia into Political Crisis
  507. 2018-03-09 India Top Court Upholds Passive Euthanasia, Allows Living Wills
  508. 2018-03-09 Humanitarian Aid from Convoy Arrives in Eastern Ghouta
  509. 2018-03-09 Gunman Takes Hostages at Largest US Veterans Home
  510. 2018-03-09 Flu Vaccines More Effective for Children Than for Adults
  511. 2018-03-09 Ethiopia Holds Circus to Promote Performance Arts, African Culture
  512. 2018-03-09 Defense Officials_ Russia Poised to Challenge US for Military Dominance
  513. 2018-03-09 Competition Heavy at Thailand Elephant Polo Competition
  514. 2018-03-09 Britain Urged to Target Russian Money, Assets in London
  515. 2018-03-09 Airstrikes Hit Eastern Ghouta Just as Aid Convoy Arrives
  516. 2018-03-09 AP Analysis_ NRA Donated .3 Million to Hundreds of Schools
  517. 2018-03-09 'Pharma Bro' Gets 7 Years in Prison in Securities Fraud Case
  518. 2018-03-08 US_ Mexican Beach Resort Off-Limits to Federal Employees
  519. 2018-03-08 US Northeast Digs Out as Another Storm Looms
  520. 2018-03-08 UN Official_ Keep Pressure on Myanmar to Halt Rohingya Atrocities
  521. 2018-03-08 Trump Discusses Violence with Video Game Execs, Critics
  522. 2018-03-08 Tropical Cyclone Hola Headed Toward New Caledonia
  523. 2018-03-08 Judge to Weigh Whether Trump's Twitter Blocks Violate Free Speech
  524. 2018-03-08 Hijab-Wearing TV Reporter Charts New Path for Muslim-Americans
  525. 2018-03-08 California Scientists Catch 2 Elusive Sierra Nevada Red Foxes
  526. 2018-03-08 Bones Found in 1940 Probably Amelia Earhart’s, Study Says
  527. 2018-03-08 'Ice Wall' Fails to Freeze Toxic Water Buildup at Japan's Fukushima Power Plant
  528. 2018-03-07 US Reminds Russia 'We Are Ready' for All Nuclear Threats
  529. 2018-03-07 US Government Sues California Over Immigration Laws
  530. 2018-03-07 US Appeals Court Refuses to Dismiss Unusual Global Warming Lawsuit
  531. 2018-03-07 Trump Asks Beijing for Plan to Slash US-China Trade Deficit
  532. 2018-03-07 Texas Voting Shows Energized Democrats, Determined Republicans
  533. 2018-03-07 Tensions Re-Emerge Ahead of Key Turkey-US Talks
  534. 2018-03-07 Some Markets Drop After Trump's Top Economic Adviser Quits
  535. 2018-03-07 Sierra Leone Roiled by Unrest After Polls Close
  536. 2018-03-07 Report_ China to Create Massive Panda National Park
  537. 2018-03-07 One Dead, Another Student Hurt in Alabama School Shooting
  538. 2018-03-07 Jason Aldean, Bebe Rexha, Florida Georgia Line Get ACM Slots
  539. 2018-03-07 Florida Lawmakers Pass Gun Control Measure, But Governor’s Response Uncertain
  540. 2018-03-07 Facebook Removes, Then Restores Anti-Immigrant Video in Hungary
  541. 2018-03-07 FOMO at SXSW_ How to Conquer Fear of Missing Out in Austin
  542. 2018-03-07 Despite Widespread Pushback, Trump Finds Some Support for Tariff Plan
  543. 2018-03-07 DACA Stalemate Continues on Capitol Hill
  544. 2018-03-07 Cuba Denies Entry to Former Bolivian, Colombia Presidents
  545. 2018-03-07 Canada, Mexico, Others Could Be Spared From US Tariffs on Metals
  546. 2018-03-07 British Police Say Nerve Agent Used in Poisoning of Former Russian Agent
  547. 2018-03-07 As Sanctions Loom, Venezuelan Official Seeks U.S. Talks over Prisoners
  548. 2018-03-06 Zinke Says US Interior Should Be Partner with Oil Companies
  549. 2018-03-06 West Virginia Leaders Reach Deal to End Teachers Strike
  550. 2018-03-06 Vatican Signals Concern Over Populist Rise in Italy Elections
  551. 2018-03-06 Uzbekistan Seeks Bigger Role in Afghan Peace Process
  552. 2018-03-06 US Intel Chief_ No 'Coherent Strategy' to Thwart 2018 Russian Election Meddling
  553. 2018-03-06 US House to Debate Bill to Reduce Violence in Schools
  554. 2018-03-06 US Coalition Asks for Pause in Hostilities in Northwest Syria
  555. 2018-03-06 US Attorney General to Talk Sanctuary Policy in California
  556. 2018-03-06 Trump_ US 'Willing to Go Either Way' with North Korea
  557. 2018-03-06 Trump Says He's Committed to New 'Fair' Trade Pact With Canada, Mexico
  558. 2018-03-06 Trump Economic Adviser Gary Cohn to Resign
  559. 2018-03-06 Texas May Offer Hints on 'Trump Effect' in 2018 Midterms
  560. 2018-03-06 Tate Modern Picasso Show Charts One Extraordinary Year_ 1932
  561. 2018-03-06 Sri Lanka Declares State of Emergency After Buddhist-Muslim Clashes
  562. 2018-03-06 Russia May Be Guilty of War Crime in Syria, UN Investigators Say
  563. 2018-03-06 Pentagon Waiting to Release Results of Investigation into Deadly Niger Ambush
  564. 2018-03-06 Pakistani Panel Urges Harsher Penalty for False Blasphemy Accusations
  565. 2018-03-06 Opioid Overdoses in US ERs Up 30 Percent as Crisis Worsens
  566. 2018-03-06 Nor'easter Packing Heavy Snow, Wind Threatens New Outages
  567. 2018-03-06 Nonagenarian Youth Soccer Coach Still Going Strong in Peru
  568. 2018-03-06 More Protests Planned in Kenya Over Railway Through National Park
  569. 2018-03-06 Latin Hitmaker Residente to Receive BMI Champion Award
  570. 2018-03-06 Fighting Rages On in Ghouta, One Day Before UN Meeting on Syrian Violence
  571. 2018-03-06 Facebook, Twitter Urged to Do More to Police Hate on Sites
  572. 2018-03-06 Einstein Letters of Admiration and Advice Auctioned in Jerusalem
  573. 2018-03-06 EU Cool Toward British 'Associate Membership' in Bloc's Agencies
  574. 2018-03-06 Dems_ Did EPA Security Staffer Steer Contract to Associate_
  575. 2018-03-06 Crammed Cities Go Green for Climate, Health
  576. 2018-03-06 Britain Threatens 'Robust' Response If Russia Behind Spy Poisoning
  577. 2018-03-06 BMW CEO_ Car Tariffs Would Hurt US Jobs
  578. 2018-03-06 Ava DuVernay's Unprecedented Journey to 'A Wrinkle in Time'
  579. 2018-03-06 AMISOM Warns of Increased Al-Shabab Ambushes
  580. 2018-03-06 21 Libyan Migrants Feared Drowned in Bid to Reach Italian Shores
  581. 2018-03-05 Welcome Snow Slows California's Plunge Back to Drought
  582. 2018-03-05 US Senate Poised to Ease Dodd-Frank Rules for Most Banks
  583. 2018-03-05 US Interior Chief Halts Second Federal Oil Lease Sale After Local Outcry
  584. 2018-03-05 UN Chief Appoints Bloomberg as Envoy for Climate Action
  585. 2018-03-05 Trump Not Backing Down on Steel, Aluminum Tariffs
  586. 2018-03-05 To Engage Customers, Smart Mirrors Take Cues from Social Media
  587. 2018-03-05 Sierra Leone Votes for New President, Parliament
  588. 2018-03-05 Promised Revolution Italians May End Up With Little Change
  589. 2018-03-05 Pentagon_ Operations Against IS in Eastern Syria 'Paused'
  590. 2018-03-05 Netanyahu to Trump_ Israel, US Have a Common Challenge to Stop Iran
  591. 2018-03-05 Native Americans Delight as Veteran Actor Speaks Cherokee at Oscars
  592. 2018-03-05 Merkel_ Germany to Start Work on Trade, China, Syria War
  593. 2018-03-05 Judge, Police Help Oust Trump Hotels from Panama Property
  594. 2018-03-05 Judge in Cosby Retrial Denies Bid to Throw Out Sex Abuse Charges
  595. 2018-03-05 Iranian Filmmaker's Comment on Tehran's Role in Syria Sparks Controversy
  596. 2018-03-05 IS Releases Video of Deadly Ambush in Niger
  597. 2018-03-05 Former Russian Spy Critically Ill After Exposure to Unknown Substance in Britain
  598. 2018-03-05 Ex-Trump Aide Nunberg Says He Will Refuse Subpoena in Russia Probe
  599. 2018-03-05 Eurozone Economy Hits 'Speed Bump' Amid Uncertainty
  600. 2018-03-05 EU Urges Reforms After Honduras Elections
  601. 2018-03-05 Donors Urged to Help Avoid Famine in Somalia
  602. 2018-03-05 Deadline for 'Dreamers' Resolution Passes With No Action
  603. 2018-03-05 Aid Convoys Reach Syria's Eastern Ghouta, but Attacks on Rebels Continue
  604. 2018-03-05 AI Has a Dirty Little Secret_ It's Powered by People
  605. 2018-03-04 White House Trade Adviser_ No Country Exemptions for New Tariffs
  606. 2018-03-04 Trump, May Blame Syria, Russia for Eastern Ghouta Humanitarian Woes
  607. 2018-03-04 Trump Puts Aside Feud With Media For Annual Dinner
  608. 2018-03-04 Syria's Assad_ Offensive Against East Ghouta Rebels Will Continue
  609. 2018-03-04 Students Build Program That Sniffs Out Twitter 'Bots'
  610. 2018-03-04 Storm Leaves More than 1 Million Without Power in Northeast US
  611. 2018-03-04 Slovakia's President Calls for Government Change or Snap Elections
  612. 2018-03-04 Scant Progress Made in Electing Women Parliamentarians Worldwide
  613. 2018-03-04 Roger Bannister, First to Run a 4-Minute Mile, Dies
  614. 2018-03-04 Pro-Unity Spaniards March with Facetious Movement in Barcelona
  615. 2018-03-04 Papua New Guinea Reels from Powerful Tremor
  616. 2018-03-04 Iraqi Parliament Approves Budget, Kurdish Lawmakers Boycott Vote
  617. 2018-03-04 Hague Tribunal Remains Deeply Controversial After 20 Years
  618. 2018-03-04 Exit Polls Indicate No Clear Winner in Italy Polls
  619. 2018-03-04 Ex-Burkina Faso Soldier May Have Been in Extremist Attacks
  620. 2018-03-04 EU Aims to Tax Internet Giants at 'Two to Six Percent'_ France
  621. 2018-03-04 Drama in Red and Neutrals on Oscars Red Carpet
  622. 2018-03-04 After Parkland, Even Idle School Threats Get Tough Response
  623. 2018-03-04 Academy Awards Winners List and Nominees
  624. 2018-03-04 1.5 Million Penguins Discovered on Remote Antarctic Islands
  625. 2018-03-03 ‘Naked Politics’ of Punishing Delta Could Haunt Georgia
  626. 2018-03-03 WHO_ Nearly 1 Billion People Risk Hearing Loss by 2050
  627. 2018-03-03 Ukraine 'Stabilizes' Gas Supply Amid Fresh Energy Dispute With Russia
  628. 2018-03-03 US, European Leaders Warn 'No Impunity' for Toxic Gas Attacks in Syria
  629. 2018-03-03 UK Police Charge 3 Men Over Shop Blast That Killed 5 in Leicester
  630. 2018-03-03 Trump Administration Strikes Multiple Deportation Deals; What's in Them_
  631. 2018-03-03 Syrian Authorities Give UN Green Light to Deliver Aid to Eastern Ghouta
  632. 2018-03-03 Razzie Awards Name 'The Emoji Movie' Worst Film of 2017
  633. 2018-03-03 Pyongyang Warns It Will 'Counter US' if It Holds Joint Drills With Seoul
  634. 2018-03-03 Polish Group Sues Argentine Paper Under New Holocaust Law
  635. 2018-03-03 Nearly 2 Million Homes, Businesses Still Without Power After East Coast Storm
  636. 2018-03-03 Monitor_ Turkish Airstrikes Kill 36 Pro-Syrian Government Fighters
  637. 2018-03-03 Merkel, Trump Spoke This Week After 5 Months of Silence
  638. 2018-03-03 Italian Suspects in Slovak Journalist's Murder Released
  639. 2018-03-03 Hoping to Raise Real Cash, Marshall Islands Creates Virtual Money
  640. 2018-03-03 Holocaust Exhibit Shows How Some Historic Imagery Had Malign Motives
  641. 2018-03-03 Former PM Renzi Warns Italians of Extremist Government
  642. 2018-03-03 Fact Box_ US Gun Rights, Gun Control Groups
  643. 2018-03-03 Clashes Erupt in Kyiv as Police Raid Protest Camp, Detain 100
  644. 2018-03-03 Cameroon Says It Busted Regional Child Trafficking Ring
  645. 2018-03-03 Burkina Faso President Urges Public to Cooperate With Military After Twin Attacks
  646. 2018-03-03 Brownback_ Myanmar Conducting 'Religious Cleansing' of Rohingya
  647. 2018-03-03 Avalanche Kills Two Spanish Skiers in French Pyrenees
  648. 2018-03-03 Australia’s Mardi Gras Celebrates 40 Years, Same-Sex Marriage
  649. 2018-03-03 As Indonesia Considers Cleric’s Case, Australia Opposes Leniency
  650. 2018-03-03 Amid Opposition, Planning Continues for Obama Presidential Center in Chicago
  651. 2018-03-03 AP Fact Check_ Is a Trade War ‘Easy to Win_’
  652. 2018-03-02 Zimbabwe Court Orders State to Compensate Evicted Black Farmers
  653. 2018-03-02 Vero a Hot Instagram Alternative, but Will It Last_
  654. 2018-03-02 US Utilities Find Water Pollution at Coal Ash Sites
  655. 2018-03-02 US Flu Outbreak on Decline
  656. 2018-03-02 UN Rights Chief_ Bring Perpetrators of Crimes in E. Ghouta to Justice
  657. 2018-03-02 Questions Surround Trump's First Border Wall Contract
  658. 2018-03-02 Putin’s New Nuclear Arsenal Spawning More Tough Talk
  659. 2018-03-02 Chief of Staff_ Dozens of White House Officials Don't Need Top Secret Clearances
  660. 2018-03-02 Central Michigan University_ Suspect's Parents Killed at Dormitory
  661. 2018-03-02 Canada, Europe, WTO React Negatively to Trump's Threats on Steel, Aluminum Imports
  662. 2018-03-02 Britain’s May Urges Faster Brexit Talks as Fears Grow of Uncertain EU Exit
  663. 2018-03-02 Boston's Salvadorans, Haitians Form Alliance Over Temporary Immigration Status
  664. 2018-03-02 Billy Graham Funeral_ Evangelist's Children Carry on Crusade
  665. 2018-03-02 Ankara Faces Mounting Pressure Over Syria Operation
  666. 2018-03-02 Al-Shabab Blamed in AU Ambush, Suspected in Attack on Somali Forces
  667. 2018-03-02 AMISOM Heads of State Call on UN to Reverse Troop Drawdown in Somalia
  668. 2018-03-02 8 Extremists Among at Least 16 Killed in Attacks in Burkina Faso
  669. 2018-03-01 White House Faces Rumors About Top Security Aide's Exit
  670. 2018-03-01 Venezuela Delays Presidential Elections to Late May
  671. 2018-03-01 Uber Starts Offering Rides to Doctor
  672. 2018-03-01 US Senate Brims with Proposals to Curb Gun Violence
  673. 2018-03-01 US Markets Fall on Steel, Aluminum Tariffs Announcement
  674. 2018-03-01 US Lawmakers Restore NATO Observer Group to 'Stand with European Allies'
  675. 2018-03-01 US Announces Sale of Lethal Aid to Ukraine
  676. 2018-03-01 US Ambassador to Mexico to Resign, Amid Strained Relations
  677. 2018-03-01 US 'Not Surprised' by Russia's Nuclear Claims, 'Fully Prepared' to Defend Itself
  678. 2018-03-01 Turkey's Global Anti-Gülen Crusade Puts Tbilisi in Diplomatic Bind
  679. 2018-03-01 Trump_ US Will Impose Steel, Aluminum Tariffs Next Week
  680. 2018-03-01 Trump Hints at Tougher Punishment for Drug Dealers
  681. 2018-03-01 Successful Atlanta Businessman Triumphs in Spite of Sexual Abuse
  682. 2018-03-01 South Sudan Accuses ‘Troika’ of Controlling Peace Process
  683. 2018-03-01 Slovak Police Arrest Suspected Mafia Members Named by Slain Journalist
  684. 2018-03-01 Shootings Not a Big Factor in First 2018 US Primary
  685. 2018-03-01 Refugee Women Get a Taste of Entrepreneurship
  686. 2018-03-01 Pakistan Vows to 'Wholeheartedly' Further Afghan Peace Effort
  687. 2018-03-01 Facebook Ends Six-Country Test of Two Separate News Feeds
  688. 2018-03-01 Equifax Finds Additional 2.4 Million Impacted by 2017 Breach
  689. 2018-03-01 Cambodian PM's Threats to Assault Protesters in Australia Called 'Unacceptable'
  690. 2018-03-01 Benin Leader's Visit Is France's First Test on Returning African Art Treasures
  691. 2018-03-01 Almost Any Amount of Exercise May Help Older Men Win Longevity Race

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